Imagine empowering yourself and living the truth of who you are, growing from the inside, blossoming and finding your purpose in life.
— xoxo, Mia
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Mia Grant

Love is all around us: maddeningly close, painfully elusive. How do we learn to live with a Love Vibration? Through my coaching, workshops and retreats, I offer you space to begin to live in complete harmony with yourself and tune in to your energy flow of love. 

Hello Lovelies, my name is Mia. I am a mother of three grown children and grandmother of five. I work as a registered nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and in the Maternal and Newborn Care Unit of a major hospital in New York. I love working with mammas, mothers-to-be and babies. Twelve years ago, my twin grandchildren, Ava and Mikey, were born five weeks premature. I cared for Ava and I felt the need to be there to share my love. That night I woke my husband up at four AM and announced, "I want to be a NICU nurse." Two weeks later, I was enrolled in school. I finished my bachelor's Degree in Science of Nursing after four years. I was hired for my current position shortly after. 

I  L O V E to see women come alive and blossom with energy again, their Shakti! This is why I created my Wellness for Women offerings.

With my new career at full speed, I turned my previous business that I had created and worked at for over twenty years over to my oldest daughter. During that twenty years I frequently traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA. The journey and experiences were tremendous for me. I developed a great sensitivity and understanding of cultural differences. But more importantly, being a "working mom" and successfully juggling multiple roles at the same time gave me profound insights that I'm still grateful for today.

Today, in my fifties, I'm enjoying yoga and mindful walks in nature. I am passionately committed to connecting women with the vibration of love through my Art Yoga offerings and Events around the world. 

I invite you to explore the authentic and power of you and to experience a transformational journey to connect with the Love Vibration. 

Trust your heart, follow your soul, and take the next steps on your journey fortified with all the joy and happiness stored within you! Know this for sure: your intuition and your connection with the body, mind and soul will lead you to the Love Vibration.

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Mia Grant, RN, BSN, and Life Coach NYU Certified

It is the combination of my experience and knowledge as a registered nurse, life coach and yoga instructor that make my practice balanced.  


Are you ready to...

Breathe. Heal. Shine. Love.

I'll create space for you to:

√ Manifest - Do It – Experience it with breathing techniques, art & yoga, meditation, relaxation, and Shuniya (stillness).  

√ Use the Words, Visions, Listening - Reflect, Discover the Authentic self through the unknown portals.

√ Explore the Art and Journaling to create the Love Vibration within. This is a magical moment for you and all around you.

The more open with warmth towards yourself, the more you will discover and experience through this journey of transformational Luv Vibes.

I encourage you to:

o   Be curious and honest; keep learning and changing.

o   Live to experience joy and welcome challenges when they arrive.

o   Tap into your wisdom, the intuitive voice. Allow the flow and trust your self by being in the present moment. Use your grace and you will vibrate in love.

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