When your soul speaks, you connect with the Divine.

I invite you to express yourself on a whole new level than ever before.  An Art Yoga session with me is a powerful opportunity to align, connect, create, open up, stretch and breathe into your true authentic self.



Lovingly Offered In-Person and Virtually

During our time together we will first create space to connect with the frequency of love.

We'll use art to open your chakras.

We'll bring in breathing and meditation and use specific yoga poses to align you into a state of balance, peace and love. 


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

Invite Mia to present at your yoga studio, hotel, resort or company event.

Topics May Include:

  • Signature Program – Breathe, Heal, Shine and Love

  • Connect with the infinite Love Vibration

  • Live in Vitality, Healing and Love

  • Life Coaching in groups or one - one



Provide empowering life teachings to your guests, clients and participants that transform and elevate their unique potential.