How To Get In Touch With Mother Earth

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When you feel overwhelmed, having difficulty to calm down, lack of focus, or upset, go outside and find a place to get in touch with Mother Earth. She will ground you. Allow yourself some time to sit, walk or comfortably just be in nature.  Hold or touch something from Mother Earth in your hand or walk barefoot - notice yourself how calm you are by just breathing the fresh air. Notice the nuances of the sky and how it is always changing - it can be the best medicine sometimes. 

Use Mother Earth to ground yourself and allow all her beauty to nourish you. She is healing in most weather. Try it out in all types of weather (but be safe). It’s not about what type of weather we have, it’s about how connected we are with ourselves in all weather. Listen to your own voice, let Mother Earth teach you more about yourself. If you take your dog for a walk or bring your children to a park, they usually don't mind what kind of weather we have, they just want to have fun! They are focusing on what they want to do instead of what we cannot change - the weather. Learn how to great Mother Earth can make you feel in all type of weather.

You can also bring a pen and notepad or use your phone, start to write down some words or a few phrases in what you notice about your time outside. Take photos and share them with your family and friend. You might get a double shoot of healing as you getting in touch with Mother Earth and at the same time becoming creative.  So far, I have only heard people saying how much they love being outside spending time with Mother Earth. Try it, and post comment below what you experience and what you like about Mother Earth. Love and Light, Mia  

The Importance of Sadhana - Morning Practice


Sadhana or morning practice can be as simple as a few deep long breaths, sitting in stillness, or a prayer to more advanced practice with different types of breathing techniques, physical activity like yoga, morning walk or jog, relaxation, and meditation. You can build your practice that works for what you believe in and what your values are. Early morning is the best and most effective time to practice (for most people). You can practice at any time of the day and still it will be wonderful, but without trying it, you don't know. 

Do you often wake up between 2-6 am for no reason? Well, it's for a reason. This is the time where we are in the Ambrosial Hours (3-6 am). The Sun, Moon, and Earth are the closest to each other.  A very special sacred space to be in. We can tune into it or ignore it. I like to practice my Sadhana during this time (most of the time - you can go back to bed after if you can). 

I like the peaceful time for myself early mornings, because it's the only time I have for myself until the world starting up again and everyone is calling me from all angles. I feel like I'm giving myself permission to get a good start to the day.

Most of the time I practice the same routines but changing up a bit according to where I am and what I am doing.  

The only thing that can block my creativity is my Mind.  When my mind takes over, I doubt, I judge, I blame. I get angry, I react. I know then what to do: I restart a short part of my morning practice quickly (a couple of deep breaths), and I find balance again. I use my mind for information, knowledge and if I can connect it with my soul, that's when wisdom and love appears. I feel I'm back to me again just by practicing the simple steps. 

So the Sadhana helps me to use my body to hold up all the parts that I need to get me from one place to another. It's my awesome vehicle for my soul. When I feel strong and still relaxed I choose and create a great day. Stay in-tune with you, don't let the world with chaos and speed take over you and your beauty and grace. You can still do all the things you want to accomplish (at least most) but you're now doing them with more focus, without frustration and anger. So my advise is to keep doing what you love to do and add a short (or long) Sadhana where you learn how to tune in to you and strengthen for the days to come.  Please share your practice below and what you love about Sadhana. Love and Light, Mia

Lotus Flower Meditation

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Attract what you want in your life in the Lotus Flower Meditation. Sit in an easy pose or your favorite seated position with a straight spine. (in a chair, sit with both feet flat on the ground). Your hands are in the shape of a lotus flower in front of your forehead. Hands are firm and strong and fingers are spread out, to make a large cup - to catch or receive what you need. Make sure your spine is straight, elbows apart but relaxed. Use normal deep breath, inhale through your nose as deep down so that your navel point becomes bigger, like blowing up a balloon. Exhale through your nose and empty out all air so that your belly becomes smaller. Your eyes are softly closed and you're focusing on your third eye, (between your eyebrows) the Ajna Chakra.   

The key of this meditation is for you to allow all beautiful things you imagine in your lotus flower. When you see how to receive it, move your hands and place them on your heart center. Be creative, and allow yourself to take and receive all good. You work hard all week and care for others all the time, now you can fill yourself up with what you need. Therefore, select as it comes towards you what you need and leave what you don't need (the mind might try to fool you to something else, stay with it and listen to the heart center instead). FYI, if you want more money (most people want that) -the money are not falling from the sky into you hands - but you might see how you can manifest it. Like going out and create new possibilities for you. That's how life works. That's why we meditate - to quiet the busy mind and start to listen to your own divine source, which lays in your heart. 

Sit for at least 3 minutes up to 11 minutes. You can use music that fills your heart with beautiful vibration. Please share below your experience and comments. Love and Light, Mia