Hello Lovelies, All Sisters, we are here to lift each other up, and to encourage each other on our life journey.

We take the steps together even if we are on different life paths.

Your beauty and grace within will transform to energy all around you  – I call this the love vibration.

I see the greatness in you and you see the greatness in me = Amplifying the Love around us.

I started this podcast as a space where we can heal together. As you listen, you'll learn self-care and self-love, so that you can live in your fullest potential – which is guided by the source connected to you. It is your birthright to live happy and with joy, to experience the flows of life, and to notice your callings.  The work you are doing is your destiny and purpose. This is what we are tuning in to during the Podcasts.  

We will eliminate the COMPARE, COMPETE, AND COMPLAIN frequencies because these lower our energy vibrations of love . Love can’t exist in those frequencies – we feel tired and wonder why!  During the Podcasts, we are tuning in to a higher frequency where we can substitute the three C’s with CARE, COMPASSION, and CREATIVITY frequencies. 

One last thing – I am inviting all men to my Podcast because men are fantastic to have around – Women need the balance of the masculine energy (and the opposite). Like Yin & Yang, Sun & Moon, Left & Right, Hot & Warm etc. It’s the polarity! It has to be balanced for us to function well, or being in our best (Remember the three C’s). When we avoid something, pay attention to it – it usually speaks with thousands of words if you take the time to listen. 

Being married for over forty years…I speak with experience. I am happier today than I was when I first met my husband. I love him so much. I love him because I love myself! I learn more about me, so I can be there in full for others!

So, Lovelies and Sisters, let’s do it! It’s going to be fun, adventurous and loving to be together during the podcasts and with many fantastic guests. You are in for some great surprises and excitement.

Love and Light,


Enjoy Listening