Hello Mia, You and I met on xxxxxx at xxxxx hospital. I had just delivered a baby girl. The day we met I was crying in my room because I was unable to master breastfeeding and was feeling inadequate, disappointed, and worried. You walked in and it was as if though an angel had arrived. We spoke for about an hour and you reminded me of my intentions for my child and managing my expectations. You reminded me to live in the moment and connect with my child rather than worry about the future. I wanted to send you this note to give you a profound thank you! You saved me that day and made me feel 1000% better. You went above and beyond your duties that day and just connected with me as a human being. It may seem odd to say this to a stranger but...I love you...for being who you are and for how you made me feel that day. You are a blessing to this world and I feel fortunate to have met you even if it was for a short moment. I wish you all the best in this world as I am sure you will continue to touch the lives of others. Namaste
— Mia offered Wellness For Women to this Mamma
Mia leads a wonderful workshop on the vibration of love. She sets an atmosphere that allows the energy of love to fill the room. This love Is taught as an all-inclusive Love with respect for everyone’s religious belief system. During the workshop, there are different exercises performed that allow you to connect to fo your own deeper love. Mia leads an engaging conversation about the universal truth of love which includes topics such as;
Love for oneself
Love for the planet
Love for the highest (whatever name you may use)
The part of the workshop I found most helpful was that discussion on what might be blocking your love energy from fully expressing itself and the practices you can do to remove these obstacles. Overall I left this workshop in a peaceful place and felt I learned some techniques to help me remain on my love walk no matter how the world is presented itself. It is definitely a workshop worth taking. Sat Nam
— Darlene - Attended Mia's Vibration of Love Workshop
I was completely new to yoga when my friends asked me if I wanted to join them for a retreat overseas. I decided to see it as an adventure and did not think much about the yoga part. I was more interested in experiencing the spectacular nature in the red mountains and to travel with my friends. To my great surprise I practically fell in love with the kundalini yoga practice, the music and the awesome nature. The combination of hiking, the practice, the music and sharing the experience within the other women in our group was awesome! I have done morning yoga every day since I came home from the retreat and I feel great!
— Annicka P - Attended Mia's Retreat
Resan till Utah och yoga retreaten Women´s Radiance & Vitaliity gav mig så mycket. Det var både en yttre resa i en fantastisk miljö i Red Mountin men framförallt en inre resa med flera nyanser. Att börja morgonen med yoga, föredrag av Mia som varvas med vandring, art och yoga och däremellan meditation och chanting med Essa. Mia och Essa guidning som för oss alla framåt och knyter ihop dessa nyanser till en färgsprakande palett av energi, insikter och många egna upptäckter i en fantastisk positiv miljö.
— Maggan D - Attended Mia's Retreat
Mia was very compassionate and always pleasant! She helped me to breastfeed my daughter and she took her time to sit down and explain and teach about care for myself and my little girl.
— Mia offered Wellness For Women to this Mamma
Mia was my nurse, she was excellent! She was kind, knowledgeable and attentive. Thank you for that! Above and beyond!!
— Mia offered Wellness For Women to this Mamma